Welcome to Online Fee Payment System

There are 3 ways to make fee payment

  1. Online Fee Payment by Net Banking / Visa / Master Credit / Debit Cards
  2. Demand draft
  3. Cash payment

If payment is to be made online, Click on "Pay online" and you will be directed to online portal, wherein you have to select your mode of payment such as credit card, debit card, NEFT/RTGS etc. Kindly follow the instructions as applicable to your choice of payment.

Transaction processing Charges:

  1. If you choose to pay through any internet banking transaction like NEFT/RTGS etc., an additional amount of Rs. 15 + Taxes (Rupees Fifteen only + applicable taxes) shall be charged to your fee amount.
  2. If you choose pay through any credit card or debit card a charge of 2% (two percent only) + applicable taxes shall be payable. This amount will be automatically added in your fee due amount.
  3. If there are any additional charges levied by your card vendor for this purpose, it will be an additional cost to be borne by you as applicable.
  4. If you make payment through Demand draft bank charges are applicable

Terms And Conditions:

If the transaction is successful, it will be indicated in our fee payment portal within three working days.

Please check your card limit before proceeding to online payment. If the amount to be paid is higher than the limit allowed in your card, you may opt for the following measures:

Option1: Kindly get a temporary approval from the concerned Bank to effect the full payment at one time.

If the transaction has FAILED for some reasons, you are REQUESTED TO WAIT for THREE DAYS before trying for payment again, please contact admission office (04842911811) for any discrepancy of online fee faced by you with reference to any of your transaction.

In any case, make a note of Reference/Transaction Details in case of Net banking or card payment.

Privacy Policy

The details provided by you shall be utilized only for the purpose of receiving the payments to be made by you to the Institution. All data shall be kept secure, and shall not be divulged to anyone or utilized for any other purpose.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

There is no cancellation option for the end users. In case of duplicate payment, end user has to approach admission office (04842911811) for refund with proof of the transaction reference/ your bank statement.


By submitting a payment through the online-payments site you are agreeing to these terms and conditions including any updated changes in terms and conditions from time to time through our website.

I accept all Terms and Conditions